The Best Herbal Smokes To Quit Smoking Nicotine & Tobacco

12 August 2022
The Best Herbal Smokes To Quit Smoking Nicotine & Tobacco

Herbal Smokes To Quit Smoking Nicotine and Tobacco

Honeyrose has been around for more than 100 years and for good reason. You can quit smoking and take back control of your life with Honeyrose Herbal Smokes. With Honeyrose, you can gradually reduce your nicotine & tobacco intake until you are smoke-free because they are Nicotine Free cigarettes & Tobacco Free cigarettes. 

Our Herbal Smoking blends are made from a basic blend of herbs like Marshmallow leaves, Red Clover flowers, Rose Petals, Honey, & Fruit juices. They can be purchased in single packs, 3 packs, and cartons. We also have Roll Your Own Herbal Blends to use with rolling paper, enjoy with pipes, & roll into cigars to be smoked. It's important for people who are trying to quit smoking traditional cigarettes as many have stopped smoking with our smoking cessation products. They come in a variety of flavors, plus they're cheaper than traditional cigarettes! 


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Herbal Smokes & Its History 

The history of herbal smokes can date back centuries and is available in different forms and used most notably for holistic medicine. In fact, many believe that the first recorded use of herbal smoke was by The Ancient Egyptians & The Ancient Greeks whether it was for food or aromatherapy, & perhaps even for smoking natural herbs.



Although there may or may not be any evidence of them specifically smoking herbs, they often used certain herbs like Marshmallow leaf (one of the key ingredients in our Natural Cigarettes). For example, Ancient Egyptians used marshmallow plants with honey (another key ingredient for our smoking cessation products) mixture to make confectioneries. 

Like other cultures across the centuries, the popularity of this Marshmallow plant among ancient Greeks was also noticeable, and it comes as no surprise that they too valued its healing properties. The Ancient Greeks believed it to be a great wound healer. 


How To Choose The Right Herbal Smoke For You?


Step 1: Make The Commitment To Quit Smoking Today

Imagine how good it will feel to not have this weight on your shoulders and lungs. The burden of smoking has been lifted, and you can finally enjoy life with a clear head! The benefits go beyond just stopping cigarettes. Honeyrose Herbal Smokes are an effective way for many people who want or need help quitting their addiction to Nicotine and Tobacco. It is important to remember that herbal smokes are not a magic bullet, but will help you to stop smoking for good if you really want to stop. If you are committed to quitting, herbal smokes is the valuable tool you might have been looking for in your journey.


Step 2: Flavored or Non Flavored Herbal Smokes?

Before you purchase, decide if you want flavored natural cigarettes or non flavored natural cigarettes. For example, one of our most Popular Flavored Herbal Smoke is our Menthol Cigarettes

Flavored Herbal Smokes 

Non Flavored Herbal Smokes


Step 3: Shop Herbal Smokes

Buy Your Choice of Herbal Smoking Cessation Product by Category From Honeyrose USA:
Cigarette packs, Cigarette Cartons, Roll Your Own Herbal Blend Packs, White Line for Movie Props, Cigars, and 3 pack Flavored Cigarettes.


Where can you find Honeyrose Herbal Smokes for sale online or in stores near you?


Herbal smokes can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere - even if you're trying to quit smoking tobacco! They can be purchased online or in Smoke Shops Near Me pre-made in cig packs or roll your own herbal blend packs to make your own herbal smoke blend at home. 


Herbal Smokes As An Alternative To Quitting Smoking

Remember Honeyrose Herbal Premium Cigarettes provide a better way to quit smoking without the harmful effects of tobacco and nicotine which is the key component in why people have an addiction to real cigarettes. So why not give our basic herbal smoke recipe a try? You might just find that it's the perfect alternative to smoking tobacco.

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