Discover the World of Herbal Cigar Smoking

28 March 2023
Discover the World of Herbal Cigar Smoking

What Are Honeyrose Herbal Cigars?


If you’re a cigar lover who is looking to make the switch from traditional cigars, look no further than Honeyrose Herbal Cigars! Our Herbal cigars are made with an all-natural cigar filler that uses a specialized blend of herbs that is 100% Tobacco FREE and Nicotine FREE. Honeyrose Herbal Cigars ’ outer wrapper uses an aged Tobacco leaf of 7 years for a more authentic look and realistic feel. With many styles available, there's something perfect out there for any level of cigar aficionado (beginner or experienced). This guide will help you find the perfect herbal cigar that's ideal for your next movie or TV show production.

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Find the Right Herbal Cigar for You

With an abundance of Herbal Cigar choices, it can be challenging to decide which one is the best for you. Our collection offers a wide selection ranging from five different Herbal Cigar Prop types – making your exploration easier and more enjoyable.  Over time our unique products have been embraced industry-wide in movies, theater shows, and popular TV series becoming the only product that accurately substitutes real cigars!


To make finding your favorite herbal cigar simpler, begin exploring our five non-flavored herbal cigars now available in various sizes!


1. 5POINTS "ROBUSTO" - Hand Rolled Herbal Cigar


Since its introduction in 2015, our Honeyrose 5POINTS “ROBUSTO” Hand-rolled Herbal Cigars have become the #1 choice for actors, actresses, cosplayers, Music Artists, Models,  Prop Masters, and more that seek an authentic cigar look and feel. The cigar is crafted with a tobacco leaf wrapper that is aged at least 7 years or more and with a cigar filler that is 100% Nicotine Free and Tobacco Free. The "ROBUSTO" provides mild strength and comes in size 135mm (5.25") long and 19mm (3/4") wide - perfect for everyday smokers wanting to enjoy their smoke responsibly.


2. 5POINTS "QUEENS" - Hand Rolled Herbal Cigar


Experience the smooth mild strength of the Honeyrose 5POINTS "QUEENS" Herbal Cigar. Its petit corona size, 135mm (5.25") long and 15mm (19/32") wide,  makes it ideal for everyday cigar smokers looking to enjoy responsible and nonflavored smoke that's thinner than its “Robusto” counterpart. Test out this unique experience today!


3. 5POINTS "CHEROOTS" - Hand Rolled Herbal Cigar


Honeyrose 5POINTS "CHEROOTS" Herbal Cigars offer both strength and mildness with an unconventional outer wrapper that gives them a slightly rougher feel. Made to the size of Petit Corona, they are 135mm (5.25") in length and 14mm (35/64") wide - perfect for those looking for something just a bit different from their usual smoking experience!



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Used By PREY (2022) The Movie By Hulu


4. 5POINTS "CIGARILLO" - Hand Rolled Herbal Cigar

5POINTS-CIGARILLO- Hand-Rolled-Herbal-Cigar-Honey-rose-USA

Professionals in films, theaters, and TV shows are thrilled about this standout product The 5POINTS “CIGARILLO”. It measures 4.5" (120 mm) in length by 0.5" (12.85 mm) diameter (gauge 32) and it's our most petite cigar yet! Bring extra realism to your projects with our miniature version of an iconic classic – indulge yourself and grab some today.


5. 5POINTS "GRANDE" - Hand Rolled Herbal Cigar


Introducing Honeyrose’s newest herbal cigar 5POINTS "Grande" Herbal Cigar. It is a true cigar connoisseur's delight and the biggest herbal cigar we have to offer. At 6 inches long and gauge 60 (7/8 inch in diameter), it provides an ample opportunity to embrace a richer-looking Herbal cigar with the finest of dark Maduro wrappers sourced from the top leaves of tobacco plants. A great smoke for those seeking something truly special!

In conclusion, you now have the knowledge to choose the right herbal cigar for you. If you’re looking for a better way to partake in the smoking tradition, look no more. There are five different varieties of Honeyrose "5POINTS" Herbal Cigars—the ROBUSTO, QUEENS, CHEROOTS, CIGARILLO, and GRANDE—all of which were hand-rolled according to their own unique recipes. So kick back, relax, and puff away with your favorite Honeyrose 5Points Herbal Cigar. Make sure to order your favorite herbal cigars today and see just why these natural smokes are getting everybody talking! Contact Us today.


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